What kinds of electronic components are there?


2022-12-02 17:19

Electronic components are general terms of components and devices. With the development of science and technology, there are more and more kinds of electronic components According to the different functions in the circuit, for example, light emitting diodes (LEDs) can be classified as diodes, or display devices together with digital tubes, LCDs, etc. At the same time, LED and optocoupler can also be classified as optoelectronic devices. In addition, optocoupler devices can also be classified as transistors with triodes, FETs, etc. For another example, varistors can be classified as resistive components or protective components.
Resistance: plug-in film (color ring) resistance, metal film resistance, metal oxide film resistance, carbon film resistance, winding resistance, cement resistance, aluminum shell resistance, ceramic chip resistance, thermistor, varistor, etc.
Capacitance: aluminum electrolytic capacitor, tantalum capacitor point capacitor, polyester capacitor, polypropylene film capacitor, metallized polypropylene film capacitor, ceramic capacitor, safety capacitor, anti EMI capacitor, etc.
Potentiometers: wire wound potentiometers, conductive plastic potentiometers, metal ceramic potentiometers, carbon film potentiometers, trim potentiometers, panel potentiometers, precision potentiometers, straight slide potentiometers, etc.
Magnetic components: wound chip inductor, laminated chip inductor, axial inductor, color coded inductor, radial inductor, annular inductor, chip magnetic bead, plug-in magnetic bead, power frequency transformer, audio frequency transformer, switching power transformer, pulse signal transformer, radio frequency transformer, etc.
Switches: sliding switch, fluctuation switch, light touch switch, microswitch, button switch, key switch, straight key switch, rotary switch, dial switch, membrane switch, etc.

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