What are the common electronic components? Come and see if you know anything?


2022-12-02 15:56

With the continuous popularization of electronic products, electrical equipment can be seen everywhere in our lives, such as computers, mobile phones, refrigerators, etc. These devices are composed of thousands of electronic components. Although they are not easy to be lost, they really exist,. So, what are these thousands of electronic components? Let's have a look.


1、 Concept and category of electronic components

It is understood that electronic components are part of electronic components and small machines and instruments. Common electronic components include capacitors, resistors, inductors, potentials, diodes, triodes, electronic tubes, relays, transformers, connectors, various sensitive components, filters, resonators, switches, etc.


2、 Common electronic components

1. Resistor is a current limiting element. The resistance has a blocking effect on the current. It can limit the current through the branches it is connected to. The current can be adjusted by the resistance of the resistor, so as to ensure that various components in the electronic equipment work stably at the rated current.


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